It All Started with a Conversation About a Beach!

As some of you already know I am very close to my niece Pia. As a matter of fact, we are the Cyber Twins! More about that later. The reason I bring this up at all is that Pia is the reason I am writing this, and why Coco and I decided to become digital nomads and leave Seattle. Here is how it all started with a conversation about a beach!

One afternoon Pia and I were chatting on WhatsApp. Pia lived in southern Italy at the time, and while we chatted she mentioned she was heading home from the beach to cook dinner for her husband, a hungry firefighter! It all sounded so fun and exciting that I recounted the conversation with a friend later. Manu promptly asked me why I was not walking home from that beach? Stupid question! We were in Seattle, WA. But Manu’s response when I told him that surprised me!

Dude! You are not getting my question! Why are you not walking home from that beach?
Manu Alfau

And you know something? Manu was right! When Coco and I were sitting at home that night we started talking. And then we decided to make a list. A list of all the places that we could legally live and work in. And that was quite a list!

As a person born in Germany of German parents I can always claim German residency, and by extension residency in any country belonging to the EU. And I have an advantage over all of them! I am a Canadian citizen, which allows me to live and work not only in Canada, but other countries belonging to the British Commonwealth. And as a Japanese citizen Coco can easily live and work in Asia. And all these live and work rights extend to spouses.

What the Hell Are We Doing Here!

When Coco and I realized the pretty big chunk of this ball of dirt we could actually call home that was the question we asked each other. And that’s when we decided to take the plunge and strike out for new destinations. Or better Ramen. Or simply to push the boundaries, hit the reset button, and reinvent ourselves.

So if you are among the growing number of people sad to see us leave Seattle, please don’t blame us. The seeds were planted by others. We just nurtured them.

Happy Travels!


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