Il Corvo Pasta

As most of you know, we are enthusiastic foodies. We are on a “seefood” diet, we see food and we eat it. In other words, we never met a dish we didn’t care for. So as we wrap up our life in Seattle one of the most difficult things is to say goodbye to some of our favorite restaurants. Getting to eat lots of great food is making up for some of the loss. Eating in the company of great friends helps as well. Like today, when we visited a favorite, Il Corvo in Seattle!

Good food should make you feel happy!

This wonderfully amazing and amazingly wonderful restaurant at the edge of Pioneer Square in Seattle is a hidden treasure. Lovers of Italian food line up promptly when the restaurant opens at 11am for lunch daily, and they pretty much continue until closing at 4pm. A number of fresh hand-made daily pastas, a few sides like their famous Focacia bread and prosciutto, combined with vino or Pellegrino make for a wonderful lunch.

Today we were treated for lunch by Karim and Guerron Miller, two long time friends of ours. They had never been to Il Corvo, and Il Corvo did not disappoint! The wonderful scents wafting through the air, the excited chatter of the other diners, and plates of delicious food being carried around, gave us all a notion of things ahead, plus enough time to decide on our menu selections.

When we sat at our table, loaded with pasta dishes, we once again realized why Il Corvo was a Seattle favorite. You just don’t get pasta like that just anywhere. As Guerron said, good food should make you feel happy! And we felt happy indeed! What a nice treat from our friends, thank you! And we just may have to sneak in another visit before we leave.



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