Japanese BEEF TONGUE STEAK and Sendai Tour with Abroad in Japan

As the year is coming to an end, Charly and Victor decided to head on up to Tohoku to meet up with our good friend Chris from the Abroad in Japan channel. First, we hit up a unique spot for lunch called Cafe Pamplemousse to try out some pancakes, a sandwich, and enjoy the “quacky” atmosphere with other guests.

The modern city of Sendai was founded around 1600 by Date Masamune, one of feudal Japan’s most powerful lords.

After lunch, we headed on out to Gyutan Yaki Senmonten Tsukasa to try some of Sendai’s renowned beef tongue. Made with Australian Beef, coals from Iwate prefecture, and high-grade rice from Miyagi prefecture itself, this beef tongue dish is definitely a treat!

Wrapping up the night, we enjoyed a few drinks before resting at the 9 Hours capsule hotel in Sendai, then headed out to Matsushima. Matsushima is one of the 3 most Scenic places in Japan, also known as the Nihon Sankei along with Miyajima and Ama no Hashidate. This brings back a lot of memories from Victor’s first trip to Japan almost 10 years ago.

Over the coming months we plan to share lots of posts and images of our new home city. So many of you have asked where we will live, what it is like there, and what we will do in Sendai. We look forward to sharing all that with yiou very soon! For now please enjoy this brief introduction to our new home town, and the surrounding area. Let us know if it gives you some ideas for your first visit with us!

Happy Travels!


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