Kosho-ji Temple and Pagoda in Downtown Sendai


One thing that always amazes us is how many shrines and temples there are in Sendai. There are big ones, like Osaki Hachimangu and Toshogu Shrine. And the beautiful temple and gardens at Rinno-ji. But there are literally hundreds of small and even tiny neighborhood shrines. From the shopping arcade at Clis Road to the nightlife district Kokubuncho, they seem to be everywhere. Some of them are hidden, others are actually pretty visible, like Kosho-ji Temple.


cokoguri - Kosho-ji Temple Main Gate Looking In


Discovering Something New


We are always exploring new areas of Sendai. When we take a walk, we always try to take a different street, walk down a new alley, or turn around a different corner. Sometimes we are only running errands or shopping, but we still try to vary our route as much as possible. On other days we go out for a walk. That is most often when we discover new things.


cokoguri - Kosho-ji Temple Bell


Such was the case on a recent cold and sunny afternoon. We bundled up to get some fresh air. Since we did not have any definite plans, we set out in a direction we had not taken in a while. We passed some familiar sights and made some new turns. And before long, we saw something that always intrigued us. “Hey, do you want to check out that pagoda over there?” Coco asked.


cokoguri - Kosho-ji Temple Pagoda


We had noticed a tall pagoda sticking out between the buildings along a major boulevard near Sendai Station, but never actually went to see it. Here was our chance. We could see the pagoda, but it still took a little while to actually get to it. Unfamiliar with Kosho-ji Temple, we approached it from the rear. But we finally managed to locate a side entrance between parking structures, condo buildings, and a hotel.


Kosho-ji Temple and Pagoda


Kosho-ji Temple is not very big, especially when compared to Rinno-ji. But where Rinno-ji is serene in a quiet neighborhood, Kosho-ji Temple is only a short distance from Sendai Station in the middle of Sendai. Most buildings surrounding it are actually much taller than the beautiful 5 story pagoda.



cokoguri - Kosho-ji Temple Basin


cokoguri - Kosho-ji Temple Main Temple Building


Nonetheless, Kosho-ji Temple is lovely. The temple building, pagoda, and entrance gate are well proportioned and fit well together. The temple grounds include a small cemetery and a gravel courtyard. On a cold winter afternoon, the temple grounds were mostly deserted, and we enjoyed the peace and quiet in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life.


cokoguri - Kosho-ji Temple Main Gate Looking Out


But after some quiet reflection and prayer, we decided to move on. Since we came in from the back, we decided to leave by the main gate. Coming from the outside, it framed the temple and pagoda beautifully. And from inside the temple grounds, it provided the perfect little vignette of the city behind it. We will be back when the sun is a bit warmer.


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Kosho-ji Temple Info:



4-11-11 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai 983-0852, Miyagi Prefecture


+81 22-256-5402


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