Let’s Grab Some Melon Pan on the Go!

One of the reasons we love Sendai is that you never know what you will find around the next corner, or down the next street. Just the other night we were out in Hirosemachi on our way to Kokubuncho to take a stroll through the winter illuminations on Jozenji-dori. And you already know that we are always up for a quick bite. When we noticed a sign for Melon Pan above the sidewalk we just had to stop by and take a closer look.


cokoguri - Melon de Melon


Melon Pan, or melon bread, is a typical Japanese confection. Traditionally melon pan is supposed to taste like melon, but over the years many other flavors have become popular as well. Staples like Macha or green tea share display space with new flavors, including Rich Choco, Earl Grey Tea, and Royal Maple. Personally, I like the traditional, or plain, melon pan the best.

Melon Pan at Melon de Melon

We were not particularly hungry. But we also never say no to a quick street food snack, even when we are on our way to dinner. It was a dark night, and a  chilly wind made it feel colder than it actually was. And that made the brightly lit Melon de Melon sign jump out at us. We stepped up to the sidewalk window and display and looked at the available options. Since it was coming up to the closing time some items were already sold out.



cokoguri - Melon Pan Display


We asked the friendly girl behind the counter which flavor of Melon Pan was the best. She enthusiastically replied that all the flavors were good, but the bestseller, and her own personal favorite, was the plain melon bread. That made the decision easy for us. We decided to split on a plain melon pan between the two of us; we were trying to be good! The nice girl even cut it in half for us.

Soon we were happily munching on a delicious melon bread, still slightly warm. The crust was slightly crunchy, and the inside had just the right subtle melon flavor. Perfect to keep us warm on our way to walk through the lights on Jozenji-dori on our way to dinner.


If you would like to join us for some melon pan or learn more about Discover Sendai, please feel free to contact us for rates and availability.


Happy Travels!




Melon de Melon


Address: 〒980-0873 Miyagi, Sendai, Aoba Ward, Hirosemachi, 3−38 大学病院前



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