We live, work, and play in a multicultural multilingual global society. But many professionals, organizations and businesses are having a hard time to connect with their global audience. Based on our many years of experience we can help you do better by providing you with consulting and design services. We specialize in multilingual design, native-language instruction, translation, and foreign language editing and native check. We can make you sound like a local.

Consulting and Design

Before we began life as adventurers and explorers we founded a multilingual web design agency. This gives us over 17 years of experience in working with small and large clients on a variety of multilingual web and print projects. Even better, since many of our clients either come from other countries or sell in other countries, we have a lot of experience in multilingual design. But that is only part of the professional services we can offer global businesses and product brands.

Mobile-First Web Design

Let’s start with your online presence. Are you providing the best possible user experience regardless of who your target audience is? Our multilingual web design services will make sure you hit all the right notes. From helping you determine the most appropriate design and functionality options to help you get your content translated our multilingual professional services have you covered.

Foreign Language Instruction

We offer personalized language instruction for individuals and small groups. Taught by native speakers we can help you learn the basics, improve your existing language skills, or become fully conversational for business or travel use. We currently offer classes in

  • English
  • Japanese
  • German

We offer personal or online instruction for beginners to advanced users. Classes are available individually or in sets depending on your needs and requirements.


If you need to reach and connect to a new audience it helps to speak their language. We can help you translate your existing website or marketing content into any of the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)

If you have any other language requirements please feel free to let us know.

Native Check and Editing

Do you need your document, research paper, or dissertation or thesis sound like a native speaker wrote it? In that case, Google Translate will not be much help to you. Instead, you need professional foreign language editing and native check services. We provide this service to businesses and universities, including Tohoku University and their School of Medicine and Dentistry.



Everyone sees things differently, and that means that not everyone describes visual elements the same way.
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