Street Views from Seattle

The other day as I was taking a stroll around late afternoon I was fascinated by the interactions of clouds and the rays of the setting sun. As a photographer I decided to capture the moments, and share some of my favorites with you here.

Because of its natural setting and architectural variety Seattle presents many interesting and fascinating street views. All you have to do is to keep your eyes open as you move around the city. Rapidly changing cityscapes and weather conditions both further enhance picture taking opportunities.

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Jean Wallace

Street views from Seattle is an ongoing project of mine. As some of you know I was a newspaper photographer and photo journalist for many years. Therefore recording the street views around me has become second nature. And it has become a lot easier as well. I used to carry at least one Nikon SLR around with me everywhere; I felt naked without it. But while I miss film photography I have to admit that my iPhone Xr is a lot easier to lug around.

As I start recording an entirely new series of street views in Sendai, Japan, I will keep sharing some of my favorite street views from Seattle from time to time.



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