What Many People Don’t Know About Coffee Culture in Japan


There is a Coffee Culture in Japan?


When you think of Japan, what comes to your mind? Most of you will mention cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, or Yokohama. Maybe you are more focused on scenics such as Mt. Fuji or Matsushima Bay. Many people think of sushi, geisha girls, anime, and manga. But very few of you will think of coffee! That is not surprising. The fact there is a well-developed coffee culture in Japan comes as a bit of a surprise to most people.


As this video illustrates, the coffee culture in Japan actually goes back a long way. Japanese people have always enjoyed a cup of coffee, and many coffee innovations originated in Japan. These include vacuum-packed coffee and bottled coffee drinks. Especially bottled coffee drinks are popular in Japan, and available both hot and cold in vending machines!



The Coffee Experience


Coffee culture in Japan has evolved into an art form. While there are some coffee shops like we know them from the US, most cafes in Japan are definitely more upscale. In every Japanese city, you will find little cafes. Many pride themselves on their own unique roast or blend of coffee. Most cafes brew coffee one cup at a time and serve it individually. Of course, the coffee culture in Japan extends to exquisite pastries along with your freshly brewed concoction.


cokoguri - Coffee Culture in Japan - Coffee Set


Sendai is no exception to the coffee culture in Japan. We had barely arrived in Sendai over a year ago when we discovered a little café not far from us on Miyamachi-dori. Patisserie Mythique is still a favorite of ours. Now that we have been here for a while, we discovered other little unique cafes, and we look forward to sharing these discoveries with you in upcoming blog posts.


Right now, we need a cup of coffee. Lucky for us, we have lots of options.


cokoguri - Coffee Culture in Japan - Flat White Coffee Factory


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join us for a coffee and pastry at one of our favorite cafes or get a personal tour of Sendai.


Happy Travels!



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