Zaotop Tofu Donuts and Curry Pan

A New (Guilt-Free) Favorite


Our favorite grocery store, other than the Asaichi Market, is the Miyagi Coop. This local chain has numerous locations throughout Sendai. The closest one to us is just up the hill in Dainohara, only a short walk from our home. While it is smaller than some of the other branches, it does have one advantage. Its large parking lot is frequently used by a variety of vendors. And we are always on the lookout for one of our favorites. Every few weeks, the Zaotop Tofu Donuts truck parks right by the entrance.


cokoguri - Zaotop Truck



The Orange Tofu Donut Truck


We first came across the orange truck a few months ago. The smell of fresh-baked donuts and curry pan is unmistakable. When we finished our shopping, we decided to take a closer look. We started chatting with the young man in the truck. While he expertly packed piping-hot fresh donuts, he told us that his family makes tofu, and the tofu donuts were just a sideline for them. It was a way to attract new customers and use their tofu in a new way.


cokoguri - Zaotop Tofu Donuts Vendor


He gave us a sample, and we bit into our first tofu donuts. They look just like an old-fashioned donut, brown on the outside, and white and fluffy on the inside. The texture was firm and slightly chewy. The tofu taste made for a unique, subtle difference. We both were hooked right away.


Tofu Donuts and Curry Pan


We decided to pick up a dozen tofu donuts, and a few curry pan as well. The friendly donut dude happily grabbed a package of a dozen fresh tofu donuts. He opened it and added a few more donuts to make sure we had enough. The box didn’t close anymore, so he had to rubber band it. He was equally generous, adding curry pan into a paper bag. When we wanted to pay for the extras, he politely but firmly refused. That makes sense. For a few Yen, he just got two loyal customers.


cokoguri - Zaotop Packaged Tofu Donuts


And since tofu is healthy for you, the tofu donuts must be healthy as well! They sure taste healthy to us!


There is More of Them!


We shop at the Zaotop truck every time we see him at the Coop in Dainohara. A few weeks ago, we were in a different neighborhood at our hardware and building supply store. When we left the store, we smelled that unmistakable fresh tofu donuts smell. And sure enough, there was a big orange truck parked right across from the entrance. It wasn’t our regular guy, however. This time we met the dad. And we bought more tofu donuts, and some fresh deep-fried tofu as well.


cokoguri - Zaotop Big Truck


We still had some shopping to do, so we paid for our purchases and told the father we would be back shortly to pick them up. When I came back about 30 minutes later, he saw me coming and how two paper bags ready when I walked up. One was our purchase. The other contained a few hot tofu donuts, for the way home!


If you would like to grab a few donuts with us or get a personal guide to Discover Sendai, please feel free to contact us for rates and availability.


Happy Travels!




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