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So, seriously, are you guys retiring or what’s the deal?

Hardly! We still have to work to make ends meet, so this is definitely not a free ride for us. We simply wanted to see another part of the world, and spend more time with Coco’s family. So we will still design websites. And we’ll also help you better understand a multi cultural world, and hopefully travel yourself!

How did this adventure begin?

As I outlined in a blog post it began innocently enough. One day I was talking to a friend of ours about my niece Pia living in southern Italy, and was asked why I was not there as well. That got us thinking, or should I say re-thinking our options, until we ended up here.

Who decides ewhere you guys will travel?

If you know me you know that Coco is the boss. So we pretty much go wherever she decides. And so far that has been an awesome and exciting experience.

What equipment and software do you use?

Being a digital nomad still requires us to produce professional level work for a variety of media and clients. Therefore we only use pro level gear, such as the Apple MacbookPro, LaCie Hard Drives, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

To stay in touch we use Skype, Line, WhatsApp and Telegram. We back up data on Google Cloud and iCloud, and use Dropbox for file sharing.

What about visas and customs?

We are officially residents of Japan, which means in Asia we can usually travel with a simple visitor visa, if one is required at all. As a Canadian and German I can take Coco and travel as a “local” citizen in many other parts of the world.

Regarding both visas and customs we always check before you travel. It can safe you a lot of time, or worse!

What camera gear do you use?

Both of us use Nikon DSLR cameras, lenses, and flash units for much of our photography. We are also big GoPro fans, so expect to see more action videos soon. And for those sudden opportunities we always keep our iPhone Xr handy!

Any advice for first-time travelers?

Not everyone travels well. A lot depends on your own likes and dislikes, an d where you plan to travel. If you have never left your own state or province you probably should not book that around the world trek quite yet. If you easy into it you will feel comfortable faster, and enjoy your trips more. Maybe start with something not too far away, and see how things go. If that worked out well start planning the next, slightly longer trip.

Are there any resources you recommend for this lifestyle?

You will find some great resources for digital nomads in the footer of each page on this website. As we travel and explore more we will share more resources with you as well. For the latest tips be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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