Takeshita-Dori, Tokyo’s Famous Fashion Street

Ever since we moved to Japan a few months ago a trip to Tokyo was high on our list of things to do. Coco used to live there many years ago. And she was understandably eager to reconnect to old friends. And I was very interested to start exploring this fascinating city, home to 38 Million people! So two weeks ago we decided to spend a long weekend in Tokyo. We want to share a few of our experiences with you. Today we want to take you on a stroll down Takeshita-Dori, Tokyo’s famous fashion street.

For those of you not familiar with Takeshita-Dori, this street in Tokyo’s Harajuku Fashion District is where many of Japan’s fashion and pop culture trends started. Originally the home of many small, unique clothing stores and design houses it has become a bit more commercialized over the years. But this fun and funky district remains the center of Tokyo’s fashion and pop culture.


We picked a perfect early spring afternoon for our trip to Harakuju and Shibuya. Warm sunshine brought out locals and tourists alike, which only added to the fun. After exiting the quaint and funky Harajuku Station we only had a short walk to the entrance of Takeshita-Dori. It was easy to spot; simply follow the crowds!


If you are not fond of crowds I have to warn you! Taking a stroll down Takeshita-Dori means squeezing through throngs of locals and tourists. On this sunny Sunday afternoon we estimated that we were two among about ten thousand people on this busy street. And that makes it part of the fun, at least for us! We simply let the crowds push us along.

Takeshita-Dori still features a ton of funky stores, many of them focused on pop culture and fashion. Plus there are tons of places to eat and drink as well. Of course, some of them play more to the interests of tourists than locals. But in a way that only adds to the atmosphere, don’t you think? It is a lot of fun to hear the excited outbursts of visitors when they discover a fashion icon, cosplayer or anime star among the throngs.

So come along with us on our stroll down Takeshita-Dori, and experience some of the fun this funky street and district has to offer. Maybe you will recognize a popular brand, or notice a fun fashion or design business. Let us know if you would like to learn more about Harakuju or if you are interested in experiencing this yourself one day.

Happy Travels!


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