A Spring Day Exploring Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Let’s explore Sendai City…

We start, as many do, in front of Sendai (train) Station. We then hop onto the Sendai City Loop Bus (Loople Sendai) and ride the bus out of the heart of city, up to the location of Aoba Castle. Where there are terrific views over the city skyline below. We head back into the city centre to see some folks taking photos with a group of samurai warrior cosplayers. Finally, we take a walk down Asaichi Market street and check out the rich selection of foods they have for sale. We hope you enjoy your spring day exploring Sendai City. If you did please leave a comment below!

The modern city of Sendai was founded around 1600 by Date Masamune, one of feudal Japan’s most powerful lords.

Sendai is a city in Japan’s Tohoku Region, northeast of Tokyo on Honshu island. The remains of 17th-century Sendai Castle, built for samurai lord Date Masamune on Aoba Hill, overlook the city and include a museum of historic artifacts. The Sendai City Museum focuses on the history and culture of Japan’s Edo period, and displays Masamune’s samurai armor.

Sendai is well known for its many parks and gardens, many of which contain public art. For this reason Sendai is nicknamed the City of Trees (杜の都 Mori no Miyako). But there is more to exploring Sendai city than gardens alone. Sendai is well known for its culinary offerings, including Beef Tongue, and at least I am a big fan of Gyutan Shioyaki already! Oishii! Are you getting hungry? No worries, there are lots of places to eat as we spend a spring day exploring Sendai City!

Over the coming months we plan to share lots of posts and images of our new home city. So many of you have asked where we will live, what it is like there, and what we will do in Sendai. We look forward to sharing all that with you very soon! For now please enjoy this brief introduction to our new home town, and the surrounding area. Let us know if it gives you some ideas for your first visit with us!

Happy Travels!


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